goodbye red devil

I finished my last round of AC last week.  I had been holding off on writing about it, because last time I talked about how “easy” it was I ended up throwing up for days later because of delayed nausea.  Somehow, I’ve managed to have almost every single bad side effect of chemo you can possibly get, aside from heart failure.  So let’s start with the good before we get into the bad, because there’s things to be grateful for.

1-I am officially done with the red devil, so no more sustol shots in my stomach, which means hopefully no more severe nausea?! (fingers crossed)

2-I have 12 rounds of chemo left!

3-They say Taxol(my next chemo drug) is a lot easier to go through, than AC.


I went into my last chemo session with such a good attitude, but the minute the nurse was done giving me the red devil through my port, I had to slide my shoes on and shuffle down the hall to a bathroom to be sick.  I then spent the rest of my chemo hunched over into a puke bag gagging.  That’s how hard it’s been with trying to keep this vomiting under control.  I was struggling in the hospital before we even finished, and I looked at my loving partner and said “this one might be rough, we need to be ready”.  Meaning, “I’m probably going to be crying on the bathroom floor later today, please be patient”.

The next thing I’m going to write about is some oversharing, but I figured for any female that stumbles across this blog and needs help getting through chemo, maybe it will be helpful.  Somehow, throughout 8 weeks of chemo, I still am getting my menstrual cycle.  I guess this could be looked at as a silver lining.  YAY!  You’re ovaries are still working despite the things you’re putting into your body!  The downside is, I have endometriosis.  So of course I’m dealing with horrific cramping AND nausea from chemo.  It’s strange to be woken up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat from hot flashes, but to also know you’re not actually in menopause.  I was under the impression chemo would pretty much ruin my ovaries and I would be a 30 year old in menopause, so it’s still a surprise to see that I’m getting a cycle at all.  With that being said, how the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck can your menstrual cycle suck MORE than cancer?  I’m about 5 days post chemo and still on the struggle bus, but it’s getting better with each day.  I get a two week break before I start Taxol next.  I think within the next month I should be meeting with my oncology radiologist and my plastic surgeon so I can talk about radiation and plastic surgery.  PSA to anyone knowing someone that’s getting a mastectomy, do not make jokes about getting a free boob job.  It’s really insensitive and definitely not funny.  Get a better joke.

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