hippy dippy stuff part 1

I wanted to share the things I’m doing to help with my cancer, and all the side effects of chemo.  I’m not trying to poke fun, but a big theme of this is the fact people don’t ask questions and don’t advocate enough for themselves.  Every doctors appointment, I feel like I have another page full of questions and I’m trying to learn more about what they want to put in my body and why.  This is one of the most exhausting parts about wanting to advocate for your health, but also feeling completely frustrated with how little knowledge there is on more of a holistic approach to dealing with cancer and chemo side effects.  Some days I feel like I’m a dollar bill sign and a number to doctors.  No, I don’t want $43 mouth wash for all the mouth sores chemo is causing, I can do oil pulling.  When I told a doctor AND a nurse this, they both seemed amazed.  They had “never heard of such a thing”.  WHAT?

A good portion of the supplements I’m taking, I was taking prior to cancer.  I’ve always taken a fish oil vitamin(good for joints/lifting/arthritis), a holistic allergy supplement(d-hist), vitamin D (hello midwest weather/seasonal depression), and the big eye roll-essential oils.  I’ve always been a kombucha drinking, essential oil loving person, the difference is, I won’t tell you oils will cure whatever disease you have.  I’ve been using Copaiba and Frankincense oil on the right side to help with inflammation and initially help heal from the biopsy. Sometimes I add a drop of each to bath water if I want to soak when the bone pain is bad. I started adding in magnesium and a vitamin C supplement once chemo started.  In Iowa, theres a law on how much vitamin C you can get in an infusion, so I chose the route of buying it and supplementing it into my routine everyday.  I use liposomal vitamin C and it tastes horrible and makes me gag, so I won’t lie, it’s a struggle to get it in my body every day.  The last thing I want to do is trigger gagging, because once it starts, it’s hard to stop.  I started the magnesium thinking it would help with the bone pain, but honestly I think the D-hist allergy supplement I take helps with that more.  The bone pain is caused by a shot you get 24 hours after chemo, to boost your white blood cell count.  A very important thing to remember when taking vitamins and supplements is to use sources that come from food.  Don’t go to wal mart or amazon and buy a bunch of vitamins created with poor ingredients and crappy fillers that your body won’t even process.  Standard Process is one of the brands I use most with supplements and vitamins.  Also in Iowa, CBD oil with a 3% THC cap is legal.  I’ve tried using a 1:1 and a 2:1 ratio with CBD oil capsules that do contain THC.  This has mainly helped with the bone pain.  No, I did not get high at all from either ratio of the capsules.  I really wish Iowa would legalize marijuana because it would be so helpful for the nausea.

I’m still regularly getting adjusted by my chiropractor, and when I can make time and my nausea isn’t so bad, getting frequency specific micro current done on my chest to help heal.  As stated earlier, I’ve been doing oil pulling to help with all the mouth sores that chemo causes.  Oil pulling is using organic coconut oil and swishing it in your mouth for a good 15-20 minutes.  I do this about 4 days a week and it’s helped me a lot.  Since 2015, I haven’t used ‘regular’ deodorant, but honestly haven’t found a natural deodorant that I love.  Right now I’m currently using Native deodorant, but ordered a detox product from  Primal Pit Paste so I’m hopeful this will benefit me as well.  Next on my list is to find something to help treat the neuropathy that’s going on in my hands as a side effect from chemo.  Once I can figure out something to help with that, I’ll make sure I share my discoveries.  After my last round of chemo, the nausea is getting worse and everything seems to be a trigger when it comes to smells/tastes for me, but I’m working on mindfulness and trying to stay as positive as I can to help alleviate all that business.  Happy New Year, I hope everyone makes it a goal to keep asking questions and keep advocating for their own health.

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