the chop

I have enough hair for all the Kardashians, I think I could afford to cut some off.  I decided that if my hair falls out, I would rather it fall out from pixie length hair, as that would seem a little less….depressing?


I choose my friend, Jordan to do this.  I met him through the hardcore scene back when I was in high school.  He’s an incredibly talented barber that owns his own barber shop in the East Village of Des Moines called Paramount Barbering Co.  I knew I wanted someone I was close to, and most importantly someone that wouldn’t cry while cutting my hair.







IMG_1530IMG_4072.JPGAll of these images were captured by the insanely talented Meanz Chan who is a local artist to Des Moines.  She wears many hats in the art scene, too many for me to name, but she’s helped me a lot over the years with my own business.  She’s designed my business cards for me, and we’ve collaborated with hair and photography before.  I’m so grateful to have such talented friends.

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