Does this cancer come with a manual?

Listen, I’m a hair dresser for a reason.  I can’t do mental math to save my life and I have the attention span of a toddler.  I can talk colour molecules and pH levels all day.  I can talk about deadlifts and how to get bigger traps, but this cancer thing is way outside of my toolbox of knowledge.  It’s no secret the health industry hasn’t done much research and development when it comes to womens health.  I know, because I’ve been suffering with endometriosis and still haven’t found a care plan to help with my pain management.  I’m doing all the research I can, and all I know is my body is about to go to war, and I’m going to make sure it’s prepped and ready.  I don’t know what my treatment plan will be, and if I’ll go the route of conventional medicine or try to do this holistically on my own, but either way, lifestyle changes need to be made.  The only game plan I have right now is to drink only organic coffee, lots of water, and continue on with a juice fast to try to detox the fuck out of this body that’s failing right now.  If I go the route of chemo, great, I’m already in a healthier starting point.  If I choose a different route, great, I’m already in a healthier starting point.  I went to the grocery store at 9pm in sweat pants with my Nike slides and socks on and bought every organic leafy green and other bullshit that looked healthy that Whole Foods had.  Basically, I’m Martha fucking Stewart with this juice cleanse and blog, follow me on my journey to being a cancer survivor.


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